The complete guide to CBD and Pain

According to a recent estimate from the Italian National Health Service, 1 out of 5 European citizens suffers from chronic pain: a pain that persists longer than the natural course of healing and which is associated with a particular type of damage or illness.

The treatments used to manage chronic pain today consist of non-steroidal analgesic drugs (so-called NSAIDS, usually used for light or moderate pain) and steroid and opiate drugs, to intervene in particularly intense cases of pain. These conventional treatments, although they are considered the safest and more effective to date, present different, often also serious, side effects.

In this FREE GUIDE you will find answers to the most frequent and common questions about CBD oil and pain management.

  • Medical cannabis, CBD and pain
  • The history of medical Cannabis: widespread use, research and rebirth
  • Medical cannabis and CBD
  • Cannabidiol and its pain relieving properties
  • The state of medical-scientific research on Cannabidiol

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