Enecta extracts CBD oils from hemp plants grown and cultivated organically without herbicides or pesticides.

Our hemp grows in italy, one of the top ten countries in Europe for organic share of the total cultivated area. The low lying and relatively flat land in Italy added to the existing fertile soils, and partially favorable climate (winter frost + warm and sunny summer with rainfall over the average) makes Italy ideal for hemp farming.

Italy’s many years of experience has created a unique management/quality system in the country, which is highly systematised and coordinated in it’s efforts to handle soil and groundwater contamination. Regulations in Italy have long since made soil quality an area of great consideration for hemp production.

Enecta begins with the best seeds nature can create for CBD production. Our non-GMO organically grown hemp plants are gently harvested and dried under the most optimal natural conditions. The hemp harvest at Enecta employs the most dedicated staff and advanced tools in the world, above and beyond those commonly available in the hemp industry and including custom made technologies especially developed for optimal CBD hemp farming.