Pan's Ink®  is fueled by Terpenes, the molecules that give plants and flowers their particular scents and perfume. A significant number of the physiological impacts you encounter when smoking your herbs are because of the plant's special "terpene profile". Which in straightforward terms depicts which sorts of terpenes are plentiful in your herb's basic oil.

Terpenes are what make up the fundamental oil of any plant, and certain terpenes are found in various plant basic oils. For instance, Limonene is one such terpene and is found in all citrus organic products, certain sorts of smoking herbs, and even nutmeg. Pinene, another terpene, is discovered plentifully in trees like pine and fir, in smoking herbs, and in herbs like rosemary. Fundamental oils are utilized generally as regular flavor added substances for sustenance, as aromas in perfumery, and in customary and option prescriptions, for example, fragrance based treatment.

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How do Terpenes work?

The terpene profile of the herb you smoke is comprised of particular extents of various Terpenes, for example, limonene and myrcene. Furthermore, it is this proportion causes a particular impact in the smoker. So at last, changing the terpene proportion in your smoking herb changes the impact.

Basic sorts of Terpenes -, for example, alpha-Pinene, Linalool, beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene - have been appeared to drive the impacts that smoking herbs have on the smoker. This magnificent marvel is the thing that gives Pan's Ink® its kick. What's more, it is the thing that permits us to plan all-characteristic, strength boosting, and impact changing Inks for your smoking happiness.

For more definite data on terpenes and your herb, look at this article by Dr. Ethan Russo.

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